Elisi's Habit Tracker & Benefits of Tracking Our Habits

Elisi, our electronic all-in-one planner, has recently upgraded our app by incorporating a new and improved habit module that is easy to understand and allows users to track habits by encouraging habit building.

Habit building allows users to achieve established goals by setting up a daily routine and tracking progress towards forming good habits— read on to find out more about Elisi's Habit Tracker feature and to discover some benefits of tracking your daily progress in a multitude of areas.


What is Elisi App's Habit Tracker Feature?

Elisi's habit module is a habit tracker that allows users to log and track their habits. The habit module now supports habit streaks, as well. Habit Streaks showcases habits that have been tracked consecutively and consistently— there is a positive correlation between consistently tracking a habit and the chances of maintaining that habit.

The current streak numbers are arranged into checkboxes, while more detailed streak data is available in the “Habit Details” view. The updates made to the habit module were a labor of love, forcing us to regularly consider how the new habit controls would integrate with the current minimal user interface without creating visual clutter.

In addition, the new monthly view allows users to observe how often a habit has been tracked over the course of a month, making it easy to determine which habits have been tracked consistently and other habits that may require a little more work.


What Are Some Benefits of Tracking Our Habits?

Habit trackers are one of the best ways to ensure that we are making headway towards our goals in a consistent manner. Some of the benefits of tracking our habits include encouraging accountability, visual motivation, promotion of success, and self-discovery. Habit trackers encourage personal accountability by giving us a visual high-level overview of habits we've been tracking consistently. Procrastination is less likely when tracking our habits, because we are forced to look at the habits we claim we want to form, yet aren't doing the work to actively establish and maintain.

In the same way, habit trackers can also be visually motivating. When checking our habit trackers regularly, we get a visual representation of all of the habits we've been consistently tracking, therefore, encouraging us to continue to make progress. If we noticed that we usually track a particular habit for 10 days consistently, but this month that same habit was tracked for 20 consecutive days, we realize that progress is being made.

Lastly, tracking our habits promotes self-discovery. Tracking our habits is essentially logging a collection of data about specific behaviors we'd like to do more (or less) of. Since habit trackers are simply a record of these behaviors, we are forced to admit which habits we really need to work on, like eating out less or drinking more water.


Also, the visual representation of tracked habits allows us to determine which habits we perform consistently. Tracking our habits, the good and bad, really helps us get a better understanding of where our focus should be concentrated.