Benefits of Elisi's Goal System

More and more people all around the world are beginning to reclaim control of their modern, 21st-century lives by enlisting the help of habit trackers, planners and goal setting applications. However, many people lack the natural direction and community-driven support network of those before us, and we can often feel as if we are in a wind tunnel of uncertainty and stress as things we struggle to capture and elaborate on pass us by.

That is where personal growth in the form of habit tracking and goal setting can really help obtain one's goals. Our Elisi app has already been changing the lives of thousands of people by providing an intelligent visual system to catalog positive habits and behaviors to have a concrete reference that shows consistent progress towards one's goals. It is a brilliant way to reinforce positive efforts to obtain the things that can otherwise seem ethereal and hard to reach.

Recently, in addition to the Notes, Planner, Lists and Habits categories of our application, which already do their best to add enormous progress and improvement to people's lives, we have consolidated all of these features under our new Goal function.

The Goal system is effectively the container for all the previous features available. This allows you to set various goals you have, which can comprise of any number of things you want to obtain in your life and have the subsequent Notes, Planner, Lists and Habits features to track and work specifically towards that goal. This addition provides much greater flexibility and nuance in your pursuit of self-improvement.


You can track your academic goals, while also tracking your new-found cooking hobby alongside your personal fitness regiment— all while having separate notes and habit tracking capabilities, so that your life can be even more organized with our app than it was previously.


We are proud of the progress of our life-changing application and are glad that more people are seeing the tangible benefits that this type of life organization can provide. We think this is a good opportunity to quickly go over some of the listed benefits that life coaches and personal gurus agree that habit and goal tracking provide.

Achieving your goals is much more likely

By deconstructing your larger goals and desires into smaller, more manageable chunks, you begin to see the steps required in reaching them, and not just the stress of the big picture.


Feeling of everyday accomplishment

By understanding the smaller chunks now, you begin to find enjoyment and satisfaction with the effort you put in. It all starts to make sense, and you understand that self-betterment is actually an enjoyable process.

You will see what habits you find difficult

Tracking allows you to concretely see your life— when you see yourself struggling with a particular set of challenges, you are more likely to take the necessary actions to change for the better.


You will start to actually feel in control of your life

The feeling of accomplishment earned through self-discipline cannot be understated— tracking habits and goals provides immense satisfaction. This creates a snowball effect where you'll want more and more of this healthy phenomenon.