About Elisi

I started using a simple Moleskine panoramic planner during 2016. The ability to view things with a week-at-a-glance perspective greatly enhanced my productivity. Yet carrying a notebook all the time isn't very practical for me. Being a programmer, I naturally started to write simple tools that replicate the weekly to do list experience on an electronic device.

In researching how other people manage their weekly to do lists, I came across the Bujo method. I realized that what I have been doing with the panoramic planner is essentially a subset of Bujo. Bujo goes beyond to do lists and acts as the cornerstone on which people plan and track their lives. That's when I decided that Elisi can do what people are already doing, but in an electronic and more convenient form.

Elisi will provide you with the best electronic Bujo experience, whether on mobile, tablet, or desktop. If you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to email me: ankerc at elisiapp.com.