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Feeling Stressed Out, Unmotivated, and Directionless?

Experience more clarity and control in your life with Elisi. Our organizational and progress-tracking app helps you work on meaningful goals and achieve long-term growth. One week at a time.

The Tool You Need for Consistent Growth

Elisi gives you the space to clarify your goals and make steady progress towards them.

Turn To-Dos Into To-Dones

Life is a constant juggling act of to-dos and responsibilities. Elisi helps you organize and prioritize things so you feel less overwhelmed and more productive.

See How Far You’ve Come

Elisi helps you collect your thoughts and live more intentionally. Reflecting on your past successes sets you up for future success.

Go Further Than You Ever Thought Possible

With Elisi, you can develop better habits, track your progress, and break down big goals into more attainable milestones that lead to long-term growth.

Begin Wherever You Are

Today’s the perfect day to start pursuing your goals.

Download the App

Get Elisi for free on the Apple and Google app stores.

Start Using Elisi in Minutes

Open Elisi and follow the easy directions on how to use each module to be more productive and live more purposefully.

Make Real Progress

Use Elisi to gain more clarity and work toward your long-term goals one week at a time.

Modern Functionality That Fits Your Life

We designed Elisi with you in mind.

Does Elisi Protect My Data?

Use Elisi with full confidence knowing that we never share your data with any third parties. And if you ever decide to stop using Elisi, but want a record of all the progress you’ve made, we can provide you with a file that has all your entries.

How Does Elisi Help Streamline My Life?

Tabs help you quickly plan your week and track to-dos and goals. It syncs across all your devices, making it easier to see your progress and maintain your momentum. No more keeping up with a physical journal or planner.

How Much Does Elisi Cost?

Change is hard, but we’re making it easier by making Elisi free for anyone to use. There are no monthly subscription fees or limit on how many entries you can make.

Discover What You Can Do With Elisi

Try out the desktop version of Elisi to see how it helps you streamline your life.

Live with Greater Purpose and Clarity

Obligations and emergencies disrupt your focus and clutter your vision. You do a lot of things you have to do, but wonder if you’re actually making an impact.With Elisi, you can break this cycle and start making noticeable progress.Join our community of over 150,000 users who use Elisi to develop daily practices that can have a lifelong impact.

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